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At Regent Financial Services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with professional guidance, personal attention, and distinctive service.
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A Financial Checklist You Can Handle


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Multigenerational Wealth Management

Multigenerational Wealth Management

The goal is to allow you to accumulate enough money to support your desired retirement lifestyle, and to have money left over to leave to your loved ones.

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Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services

Using discretion in administering and managing a plan or controlling the plan’s assets. Acting prudently is one of a fiduciary’s central responsibilities. It requires expertise in a variety of areas.

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Foundations and Endowments

Foundations and Endowments

Partnering with a provider who understands your needs can help you better balance competing priorities many organizations have while managing the day-to-day responsibilities of running their endowment, foundation, or charitable organization.

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Investment Management & Advisory Services

Your wealth is important. We provide investment management and advisory services to assist individuals and businesses with wealth management and asset protection. Based in Brunswick, Maine and serving the Northeast region, we complement personalized assistance with long-term experience. What to Expect from us:

  • Your interests always come first.
  • A personal relationship with an advisor who knows you and whom you know.
  • Total respect for your privacy and confidentiality.
  • Ethical service at all times.
  • Responsiveness to your needs, goals and desires.

Getting Started

We encourage you to spend time with this Website to learn more about our firm. The next step would be to contact us to discuss your circumstances and to set up an initial consultation meeting. Through this meeting, we discuss both the facts of your financial situation and your feelings regarding finances, goals and objectives.

Finally, we prepare an engagement letter outlining your situation as we understand it, your goals and objectives as stated to us, and some concerns that we have based on the information you have provided. In addition, a planning fee will be quoted based on the complexity of your situation and your assets.

Our Fees

The financial professionals of Regent Financial Services who are also Investment Adviser Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network receive no referral fees or expense reimbursements from any of our recommendations. Thus, we remain unbiased and always keep the client’s best interests in mind.
In a planning engagement, the fee is generally a fixed fee (i.e., project fee) that is based on our client’s family and financial situations as well as the complexity of the issues. We are open and willing to discuss an hourly or other fee arrangement, if warranted, based on the client’s situation. For planning-only clients, on-going planning and updates are available on a retainer basis.

View our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

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